Tree & Shrub Care

spraying bushesThe goal of our team at Central Liberty is to make sure that your landscape maintenance program is perfectly balanced to promote the health of your trees and shrubs and to make sure that they are healthy and thriving throughout the year.

Our tree and shrub program uses proper pruning and advanced pruning techniques to make sure that your trees and shrubs are looking great, and monitor your plants for signs of insects or disease.

The Central Liberty team of experts knows the local climate and environment and have an in-depth understanding of the dangers common to our area. We can recognize the first signs of trouble and make sure that disease and insects are mitigated safely and quickly.


What services are included in tree and shrub care?

The tree and shrub care service program at Central Liberty includes pruning and shaping your trees and shrubs so that they have a perfect aesthetic appearance, fertilizing them appropriately so that they grow at ideal rates. We make sure that your trees and shrubs remain healthy and free of disease and insects.

By taking care of your trees and shrubs year-round, they stay as healthy as possible. Since healthy trees and shrubs are more naturally resistant to disease and insects, preventive care and fertilization mean less expense to mitigate problems down the road.

If any disease is detected or an insect infestation is found, our professional technicians will eradicate the pests and provide the proper fertilization that will mitigate the disease and bring your trees and shrubs back to full health.

Paying attention to your trees and shrubs is critical since just one missing nutrient in their growth could result in decay or disease, rendering your plant unhealthy and unsightly. Our experts look closely, beyond the foliage, to make sure that your trees and shrubs aren’t struggling in any way.


Can Central Liberty help me create a tree and shrub care plan?

That is exactly what we do! Our team of certified arborists is knowledgeable professionals when it comes to keeping your trees and shrubs happy and healthy. We pride ourselves on our dependable, reliable service, and look forward to helping your trees and shrubs thrive and grow. Contact us today!

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