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Mowing lawnAll property owners love to see their lawn kept well-manicured and in stunning shape. There is nothing better than a great lawn to set the stage for your home or business, giving your property the perfect backdrop for attractive landscaping.

Having a healthy, lush lawn requires keeping up a regular maintenance schedule. This not only includes lawn mowing and lawn edging but also makes sure that your flower beds are cleaned and in pristine shape.

We take care of all lawn care and maintenance needs, from mowing and trimming to hard surface edging and blowing. Your curbs, walkways, and driveways will have crisp, clean edges, and your lawn will be lush and full.


What are the critical factors to consider in lawn care and maintenance?

The first thing to consider when putting together a great lawn care and maintenance plan is making sure you use the right equipment. Choosing the right kind of lawnmower for the type of landscape design can make a big difference. At Central Liberty, we have all the equipment required, from push mowers to riding mowers.

Keeping the blades on your mowers sharp is also critical. Dull blades can ruin your grass, ripping and tearing the grass blades, leading to stressed turf and yellowed turf. This kind of damage could lead to disease, killing off large sections of your lawn.


How often should I mow the lawn?

Once you have the right equipment and have it in good working order, you’ll want to consider how often you need your grass cut. Experts agree that you never want to cut more than 1/3 off the length of your grass to keep it healthy, so the frequency may change during different parts of the season.

To keep it at its healthiest, you’ll want to maintain a grass blade height of between 3-4”. This likely means that you’ll be mowing twice a week during the spring, but only every other week or even less during the winter months.

Another thing to remember is that change is good! By changing your mowing pattern, you’ll ensure that grass clippings don’t end up clumped in the same places over and over, and you can promote better growth of your grass blades by cutting them from different angles. Changing your mowing pattern allows your grass to lay in different directions each time, exposing more of the blades to healthy sunshine.


What are the benefits of having professional lawn care and maintenance?

There is a lot to think about when it comes to keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful! By bringing in a team of experts like those at Central Liberty, we make having a healthy and thriving lawn easy. All you have to worry about is how best to enjoy your outdoor space.

With our lawn care and maintenance services, we will come out regularly and provide dependable and reliable work. We are trustworthy partners, committed to making your lawn healthy and beautiful. It’s proven that a well-maintained lawn leaves a good and lasting impression on visitors and potential customers. It also increases the value of both residential and commercial property.

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