Leaf Removal

There is no doubt about it, autumn leaves are beautiful to look at. But after their beauty has waned and the leaves start to fall, the time of year most homeowners dread has arrived. It’s time for leaf removal, brush removal, and leaf cleanup. Removing leaves and dealing with leaf collection and local leaf removal is a tiresome process, not to mention if you have to deal with leaf bags!

Our focus is also on brush removal. To have a healthy and happy lawn, you’ll want to make sure that both leaves and brush are removed, letting your grass and flower beds breathe and get the sunshine they need to thrive.

Raking leaves is a task no one looks forward to, which is why you should consider a trustworthy lawn care services company to do the heavy lifting for you. We all know that raking leaves can be backbreaking work, with repetitive motions that easily strain muscles that aren’t used to the bending, turning, and twisting that raking leaves require.

These are some of the many reasons you should consider leaving your leaf removal to Central Liberty.


Increased efficiency

You very well may want to tackle the job on your own, grabbing your rake and leaf bags. Landscaping companies, however, have the manpower and equipment available that will make a big job easy to accomplish. They have leaf blowers, vacuums, and mulching mowers that remove leaves quickly and efficiently.

By bringing in a crew of landscape professionals, Central Liberty will clean up your yard in far less time than you’d be able to if you were raking leaves on your own. Especially if you have a large yard, a task that could take you an entire weekend or more could be handled much quicker. A job that you might be putting off because of the time and effort required could be taken care of by our professionals in a flash.


Healthy lawn care

Another important consideration is that by having a team of experts handle your leaf removal, you are also ensuring the health of your lawn. If the leaves pile up into massive clumps on your lawn, they can smother the grass beneath. Wet leaves can cause mold to develop, potentially causing health problems for people and pets.

Our experts know how to handle green waste like leaves, branches, and clean up leaves to ensure the health of your trees and shrubs. The more leaves pile up and the longer they clump on the ground, the more damage you could be doing to your yard.



In the end, the most important reason to have a lawn care services company take care of your leaf removal is simple – you don’t have to rake leaves yourself! No need to get the blisters, callouses, and back pain that hours of raking leaves can cause. Whether you have a small lawn or a large yard, the physical burden of leaf and brush removal can quickly add up.

Why not have a team of seasoned professionals, skilled individuals who can take care of it for you quickly and efficiently.


Why choose Central Liberty for your seasonal leaf removal?

The answer is simple. We are your reliable, dependable, and proactive partner for all of your lawn care needs. We’ll come out and give you a free estimate, then tackle the project and get it done.

We care about your property as a whole, so if you trust us with your leaf removal, we’ll make sure that your landscape in general is healthy and thriving. We take care that leaf removal doesn’t damage the plants, trees, and shrubs underneath, and make sure your property goes into the winter in perfect shape.

Contact us to see how our leaf removal services can not only save you time and energy but can also help your residential or commercial property look great.

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