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Home with beautiful landscapingOne of the best ways to repair your lawn if it starts showing signs of weakness is through lawn aeration and overseeding. You’ve enjoyed your lawn throughout the summer, but the hot, dry weather and all those barbeques may have given your yard quite a beating. It’s the time of year to undertake some lawn care!

Like any other living thing, your yard needs some care for it to grow and thrive. Experts agree that all lawns respond very well when aerated each year to prevent compaction. Compaction is the compression of grass and soil, which keeps air, water, and sunlight away and at the same time stifles the grass roots. Compacted soil can cause significant damage to your grass.

Whether you have cool-season grasses or warm-season grasses, having a team of experts like Central Liberty aerate and overseed will keep your grass looking lush and green. We’ll come out to your residential or commercial property, conduct a thorough assessment of the state of your grass, and give you a free estimate for aeration and overseeding services. Once we get started, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your lush grass!


What are some signs that your lawn needs aeration and overseeding?

An easy and obvious way to tell that it’s time for you to have us out to perform lawn seeding and aeration is if puddles form on the surface of your lawn after it rains instead of soaking into the soil. Another sure sign is if there are bare spots or thinning areas of grass, or the lawn’s thatch layer is more than half an inch. Thatch is the layer under the grass, between the soil and the blades.

A good way to rejuvenate your lawn and prepare for the fall and winter is aeration and overseeding. These services refresh your existing lawn and prepare the soil for planting new grass.


What is aeration and why is it considered important?

Aeration is performed by removing small plugs of soil in your lawn to loosen up compacted soil. The process allows airflow, water, nutrients, and sunlight to better reach the roots of your grass. This creates space for the growth of new grass and promotes a greener, thicker, and healthier lawn.

As part of the process, our experts perform a soil test to help determine what kinds of fertilizer and weed control your yard would benefit most from, as well as to find out the soil type, including if you have clay soil. Since the plugs that are removed are a few inches deep, we can see exactly what the roots of your grass will contend with when growing.

After your yard has been aerated, creating favorable growing conditions, it’s time to move on to overseeding.


Why should my yard be overseeded?

Overseeding is the process of adding quality grass seed to an existing lawn. It’s often done in conjunction with aeration because aeration creates optimal conditions for seed germination and growth.

When you overseed, you also have the opportunity to introduce new and beneficial grasses to supplement your existing lawn. This has the effect of creating a stronger, thicker turf that is better able to squeeze out weeds.

The type of grass seed you plant makes a big difference. In our area, tall fescue is often considered the best choice. When you plant grass seed that thrives in our climate, you’ll have a lawn that is naturally stronger and resistant to disease, allowing it to survive the stressful cooler season and emerge green and lush in the spring.


When should I call Central Liberty to schedule my aeration and overseeding services?

The best time to have us come out to perform these services on your lawn is late August to October. The combination of cooler temperatures and higher precipitation creates better growing conditions for the new grass seeds to germinate and take hold before the first frost.

By having a team of experts from Central Liberty come out and perform the service, you are guaranteed that your lawn is properly aerated and overseeded. Our pride is in providing exceptional service with extraordinary results. We’ll care for your lawn as if it was our own, taking the stress of maintenance off your plate.

We look forward to helping you create the perfect lawn. Call today!

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