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trimming a treeIt’s often tricky to know when it’s a good time to prune your trees. Many people consider fall the perfect time to conduct tree trimming, but the truth is that the best time to take care of your trees depends on the local climate and the kinds of trees you have in your yard.

When leaves start to fall, it’s easy for you to look at your trees and see unruly or dead branches. The temptation may be to get out there and remove dead tree branches right away. It’s best, however, to consult with a certified arborist, like those at Central Liberty, to make sure that you aren’t harming your bushes or trees by trimming and pruning during their growing season.


How do I know what trees to prune and when?

The first step in understanding what trees to prune and when is to have a clear idea of the type and age of trees on your property. Young trees and fruit trees may have a different schedule than mature hardwood trees. A certified arborist from Central Liberty can help you make a tree inventory, and there are also resources available in our local cooperative extension service.

Once you know the types and ages of the trees you need to care for, you can create a trimming and pruning schedule. A proper schedule will help you make sure that your tree care is conducted in the best way possible. As a general rule, growth is heightened and wound closure is best when you prune in the winter before the spring growth spurt.

For young trees, it’s critical to shape them in the right direction during their early years. You can create a strong tree with a great shape by pruning them appropriately. Also, if you make sure they are shaped correctly in their early years, they will need far less trimming as they grow in age.

Fruit trees require shaping as well. By pruning and trimming in just the right way, you can make sure that your fruit trees are as productive as possible, giving you a ton of delicious fruit.


Tree Removal

Do you have overgrown trees on your property? Are there partially destroyed or fallen trees due to a recent storm? Time is of the essence and you need to get the trees trimmed or removed as soon as possible.

We specialize in the removal of storm damaged trees and diseased, broken, or dead trees and branches to protect your property. We offer quality services and are equipped to handle trees of all sizes and heights. We also offer arborist tree care consultation and analysis to identify problem areas and to assist in maintaining the health of the trees. Contact Central Liberty Landscaping for a free quote today! 


Can Central Liberty help with my bush and tree trimming?

We are happy to help! Our certified arborists will evaluate your bushes and trees and provide you with a free estimate of the services needed to keep your bushes and trees happy and healthy. Our landscape professionals are experts in trimming and ensuring that your bushes and trees look great all year round.

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