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The changing of the seasons can have a significant impact on your landscaping and the overall health of your yard. If fallen leaves, excess debris, and other organic materials aren’t cleaned up in a timely way, they will not just be unsightly, but could also cause lasting damage to your landscaping.

Spring cleanup and fall cleanup done at the right time of year will make your lawn care easier to maintain during all growing seasons. Leaving fallen debris on your yard can impact soil chemistry, leave dead spots in your turf, and lead to diseases with your trees and plants. If left piled up, they can even cause the growth of mold spores that are a danger to the health of people and pets.


What is involved in spring cleanup?

As the season turns from winter to spring, the air is filled with excitement and promise, with plants and trees quickly turning green. Leftover piles of leaves that are partially rotted and branches and sticks that fell over winter are time-consuming and bothersome to clean up.

If you didn’t have time to properly prepare your yard in the fall, or if winter was particularly harsh, you could be faced with significant issues with the health of your lawn. Compacted soil and dead or thinned grass could quickly cause other problems. Difficult weeds can take root in the bare spots, and compacted soil can make it harder for lush grasses to flourish over hot summers.

Central Liberty has developed a comprehensive spring cleanup that is guaranteed to leave your outdoor spaces primed and ready to go for the growing season. First, we clear away leaves, branches, and other clutter. Then we aerate the turf to take care of soil compaction and thatch problems. We reseed bare spots, clean up all the edging, and redefine garden bed borders.

This is followed by cleaning flower beds, pruning and trimming trees and shrubs, and planting new seasonal plants and flowers. Your residential or commercial property will look great as the days start to get warmer.


What needs to be taken care of in the fall cleanup?

With the days getting shorter and cooler, we know the holidays are fast approaching! Fall is best spent with friends and family, celebrating Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving before the cold weather of winter finally arrives. You’ll want to make sure your yard is ready to welcome the cold.

To prepare your property for the cold weather, you’ll want to rake up the leaves, pick up branches and sticks, and prepare your plants and garden beds for winter.

Our fall cleanup program includes raking and composting leaves and making sure perennial flowers, trees, and plants are protected. We mulch, apply late-season weed control and prune trees and shrubs. If you have design features like an outdoor kitchen, we make sure it is cleaned up and ready to welcome the snow.

The goal of the team of experts at Central Liberty is to make sure you can spend time enjoying your property with your friends and family. Our spring cleanup and fall cleanup services will keep your yard in great condition all year round. Give us a call today!

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