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What are hardscapes?

The team at Central Liberty is skilled at building patios, walkways, driveways, steps, stone walls, and firepits to transform your outdoor spaces and make you want to spend even more time outside enjoying your yard! We are the region’s experts when it comes to creating landscape and hardscape features that are a focal point in your landscape design and integrate perfectly with your outdoor space.

Designing the Perfect Outdoor Space

What makes us different from other landscaping companies is that we put your design priorities first. The final product needs to meet the needs and vision of the homeowner. We work directly with you to choose which hardscape materials are right for the job and how they are best installed.

Many homeowners may not know the pros and cons of the different building materials available. Stone pavers, patio pavers, and concrete pavers all have their unique benefits, and our plan will include recommendations on which is the best for your project. We even specialize in using porcelain pavers to create a unique look and feel to your patio.

Likewise, if you are building a stone retaining wall, our experts will advise on what kinds of natural stone to use, whether building a dry stack is better than using mortar, and if the wall face should include geometric or other design.

Whether you are building a big wall or just trying to give your garden an extra foot of height, retaining walls make any outdoor space unique and inviting. Some walls include water features to give the yard an extra element, and others integrate garden hose storage to keep things tidy.

In the end, the way your yard looks and functions should be perfect to suit your needs. We guarantee that the final product will reflect your goals and vision.

Integrating Functional Elements

As mentioned above, sometimes you are looking to add extra elements that make help create the perfect backyard oasis. Integrating a water feature could give your yard an extra sense of calm, giving you an outdoor space that is peaceful and tranquil.

If you love entertaining, you may consider building an outdoor kitchen to extend your living space further out in your property. Imagine cooking on your integrated grill while your friends and family lounge and have fun on your new stone patio.

By creating a cohesive and integrated landscape design that includes hardscape elements, you are well on your way to not only increasing your property value but also creating an outdoor space that you can enjoy year after year.

Why Should You Choose Central Liberty for Your Stone Walls, Patio Pavers, and Other Hardscape Projects?

Simply put, you should choose Central Liberty because you can rely on us to listen to your needs,  help you create a perfect backyard plan, and work with you throughout your project from start to finish.

Our design and installation team will create a patio that makes your backyard seem like a secret hideaway. You’ll be surprised how a stone and paver walkway can transform the muddy track leading along the side of your house into a pathway that you enjoy actually walking down.

Our years of experience mean that you don’t have to worry about the problematic details that come with any hardscape project. When you give us the broad strokes of your vision, we’ll figure out the best way to make it a reality.

The installation team at Central Liberty knows exactly how to mitigate any drainage issues you may have, and we specialize in installing no-maintenance gardens. We can work with any budget and no project is too small.

If you have a backyard vision that involves building and installing stone walls or patio pavers, just give us a call. We’ll come out, discuss your project with you, and help you design hardscape elements that not only meet your needs but are installed with precision by our team of experts.

Central Liberty prides itself on being your reliable, dependable, and proactive partner, working directly with you to design an outdoor living space that perfectly meets your needs. Request a consultation today to see how we can help you achieve your outdoor living goals. We look forward to helping you create an outdoor living space that you will enjoy for years to come.

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