Mulching & Edging

handful of mulchCentral Liberty offers residential and commercial mulching and edging services that will make your property healthy and beautiful throughout the year. Mulch materials are applied to provide weed control and aid in water retention, which helps keep your flower beds from drying out.

Mulching also improves the soil and is an important aesthetic element that keeps your property looking great and well-groomed. Applying a layer of mulch will also help protect your yard during harsh winter conditions.

Proper edging forms a barrier between your garden or tree beds and your lawn, creating a well-defined and tidy look.


What kind of mulch is best for my yard?

As anyone who has walked through their nearby garden center knows, there are hundreds of different kinds of mulches available. Mulch materials can be made of anything from pine needles to wood chips, with many different types of mulch in between, including inorganic mulches. The type of mulch you choose needs to not only fit your design aesthetic but also needs to be the right material for the local climate and environment.

Our team is well versed in the region’s climate, so we know exactly what types of mulch will be best for your yard. We work with the extension office to make sure that all of the materials we use will have the best impact not only on your yard but also in our local environment.

When appropriate, we use landscape fabrics to help with weed control. When you suppress weeds, you can make sure that spread mulch looks great for months at a time. Applying mulch is a great way to keep your yard healthy and looking good.


Why is edging important?

Edging is what takes an average landscape design and turns it into a work of art. Combined with appropriate mulching, edging defines the different elements of your landscape design and turns those elements into features that stand out.

Edging is important for both residential and commercial properties. When a yard looks crisp and well maintained, it creates an impression of care and commitment to your property that will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood and drive new customers into your business.

Contact us today to see how our mulching and edging services can help you clean up your yard and make sure that first impressions are perfect. We’ll give you a free estimate, then create a maintenance plan that includes mulching and edging, keeping your property looking good all year round.

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